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ZigaPep MP-90

ZigaPep® MP-90 is originated from fish skin of marine fishes (cod, salmon, etc.), of which collagen is extracted by specialized hydrolysis technology. It is an emerging environmental-friendly active ingredient for skin care.

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ZigaBio E-34 is the first multi-functional and world-leading biomimetic SOD, which is a small molecular structure synthesized by simulating the active center of superoxide dismutase in blue-green algae. ZigaBio E-34 can effectively remove ROS. The antioxidant capacity of superoxide dismutase surpasses other antioxidant ingredients, and it is the super antioxidant ingredient at the top of the pyramid of the antioxidant system in the organism. By dismutating superoxide, the antioxidant effect of  E-34 is achieved. ZigaBio E-34 has high stability at room temperature and high cost performance, and can be widely used in cosmetic and skin care products.

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