GIGA Fine Chemcial is pleased to announce that our six products are now COSMOS approved.

  1. ZigaMoist PM-II (INCI: hydrolyzed sclerotium gum)
  2. ZigaMoist γ-PGA (INCI: sodium polyglutamate)
  3. ZigaMoist hydrogel L80 (INCI: sodium polyglutamate crosspolymer)
  4. ZigaBio CGF-75 (INCI: chlorella vulgaris extract)
  5. ZigaPep AA-3000plus (INCI: saccharomyces polypeptides)
  6. ZigaPep 2TKS (INCI: pentapeptide-3)

As today’s cosmetics market is constantly evolving as a result of consumer demand for more natural beauty products, GIGA fine chemical will continue to enlarge our product portfolio with new sustainable solutions for cosmetic applications. Choosing a COSMOS approved, safe and effective ingredient can bring an added value to your skincare products and deliver an environmental-friendly product to consumers.

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